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We have a wide variety of stock plans to choose from, but if this is your home, why copy someone else’s design to save a couple of dollars?  This is probably your biggest investment and you should make it your own and customize a set of plans that suits your family and lifestyle.  Once you start modifying a stock set of plans the cost is nearly the same if not more to make it custom.  We are very creative with designs and strive to layout a floorplan that takes advantage of all views and the sun direction, minimizes wasted space, and most importantly is a cost efficient build in terms of the structure.  Most plans can be completed within a month or less, but this depends primarily on your timely feedback provided during the design.  You should never rush this stage as it is what will be budgeted and built.  Changes after the plans are complete can be costly both prior to construction and during construction.

To get started on a set of plans you will need to ideally have a survey of the lot including setbacks and sometimes an elevation, but if this is not available we may be able to use plats or other information to get started.  It’s helpful to have an idea of the style of home you desire (French Country, Acadian, Floridian, etc), but this can be decided after the floorplan if you don’t know yet.  Any sketches, ideas, or pictures you have are welcome to help convey your thoughts on your dream home.  You can also reference any of our stock plans for ideas.

But if the idea of starting from scratch is not your idea of fun, then just let us know some basic information of what you are looking for and we can help you choose from one of our stock designs.

Our plans include a floorplan, exterior elevations, site plan (if survey is provided), structural details, form setting plan, etc., and specifications (by request).

We look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to design your dream home!